Aluminum Repair

Aluminum Bodies

Aluminum bodies are rapidly becoming more popular choice for car manufactures to use over steel since is lighter and stronger. It also reduces the weight of the vehicle, which in turn improves fuel economy and makes the vehicle more energy efficient. While aluminum has many benefits over steel unfortunately it's also lot more difficult to repair.

  • Aluminum has a higher risk of corrosion than steel when it comes into contact with other metals.
  • Even using the wrong tools can damage the metal and increase corrosion.
  • Aluminum is also difficult to reshape if it gets dented and needs aluminum specific tools to rework the metal back into former shape.
  • Lastly aluminum conducts more heat than steel which makes welding to aluminum more of challenge.

If not done properly it can seriously compromise the integrity of the metal and cause vehicle safety issues.

Structural Aluminum Repair Facilities

Luckily, Dueck Auto Group has two Certified Structural Aluminum Repair Facilities that are fully equipped with aluminum specific tools and welding equipment specifically designed for the repair of your vehicle. Our self-contained aluminum repair environment prevents the possibility of cross contamination and corrosion from steel particles during the repair process.

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