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A Legend Reimagined

The all-new 2021 Escalade and Escalade ESV is the next level of luxury full of innovative new technologies combined with extraordinary design help to create a bold new look that will always have you arriving in style. The Escalade takes a not-so-ordinary approach with finely-tailored interior design. Offering eight luxurious combinations of interior trim options and four unique seat insert designs with varied perforation patterns and stitching on select models.
Escalade & Escalade ESV Trims
Choose Between Five Distinct Trims
Freedom To Expand Your Entourage
As the largest and longest Escalade ever created, its power to draw in those around you has never been greater. This is iconic design that announces your arrival - and gives you latitude to grow your ever-expanding legend.

Arrival Acknowledged
Upon approach, Escalade greets you with a dramatic light show. The front DRLs pulsate twice, and the Cadillac crest illuminates on the rear tailgate and on the back of the OLED screen in anticipation. 

Go To Great Lengths
A new independent rear suspension gives the 2021 Escalade an additional 25.6 centimeters of third-row leg room. Further still, Escalade ESV delivers a max of 4,044L of segment-leading cargo room. Get in. Get comfortable. 

Standard 22" Wheels
Each 2021 Escalade model makes a statement all its own, with high-polished 22" wheels that are distinct to each trim. Set your standout style in motion.
Leave An Illuminating Impression
Onlookers will be in awe as they watch the glow of 3-foot full LED taillight set out into the night. These massive lights also feature an intricate detail - an etching of the Cadillac crest. It's the kind of dramatic, detail-oriented statement you expect from Escalade.
Next-Level Lighting
Reimagined horizontal headlamps with a thin, sleek style separate the Next-Generation 2021 Escalade from its predecessors. Look closely, and you'll find an elegant etching of the Cadillac crest in each headlamps.

Every Detail Made The Guest List

While it's true that every Escalade exudes an air of exclusivity, that doesn't mean we left any detail uninvited. Choose from nine interior trim options and four unique seat insert designs with varied perforation patterns and stitching. Each one meticulously crafted and richly appointed. Available 16-way adjustable heated and ventilated full Semi-Aniline leather seats with massage settings can help you and a front passenger stay relaxed and comfortable. In cold weather, on long drives, or after a long day of pursuing your ambitions.

Ambient Lighting
Create a cabin that mirrors your mood. Interior ambient lighting and piping lights include 18 colour options in total, allowing you to select from a spectrum of calming hues. 

Obsessive Craftsmanship
Every painstakingly curated material - from natural wood finishes to hand-finished leather appointments to available premium fabrics - come together to create an atmosphere. 

Ultraview Sunroof
Open up new perspectives with the available Ultraview sunroof, which treats driver and rear passengers alike to panoramic views. Tilt, Slide, Express-Open and Close, and sun shade control give you a wide-open options for enjoyment. 
Innovation Worthy Of An Icon
We've seen the future. In fact you're looking at it right now. The Next-Generation 2021 Escalade heightens its own high-tech standards, pushing the road forward with innovations that don't just enhance your driving experience - they completely revolutionize it. 

Go Hands-Free With Super Cruise

The future of driving is here. The 2021 Escalade features available Super Cruise, the first true hands-free driving-assistance feature for divided and compatible highways. With an attentive driver, and under the proper conditions, Super Cruise permits hands-free operation of the vehicle. Super Cruise works with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which controls acceleration and braking while it is enabled and operating. Cadillac's proprietary software helps make sure your eyes are in the road and alerts when you need to pay more attention or take back control.
Conversation Enhancement
Ensure the whole crew is on the conversation. Interior microphone capture the voices of the driver and front passenger and naturally blend them with the audio played to the second and third rows. The available AKG* Studio Reference system includes rear microphones which project conversation from the back to the front. 

Available Night Vision System
Help see beyond your headlamps with a thermal heat image display on your centre cluster. The system highlights and alerts you to detected pedestrians or large animals directly ahead of the vehicle helping to install confidence on night drives. 
Exclusive AKG* Sound System
New to the automotive industry. Exclusive to Cadillac. The standard AKG* 19-Speaker Studio Sound System brings professional high-fidelity sound to the 2021 Escalade. True audiophiles will appreciate the available AKG" Studio Reference System that provides 36 speakers throughout the cabin at different height levels and locations, creating an immersive, 360-degree listening experience. 
Augmented Reality-Enabled Navigation
Available with navigation, this new viewing mode projects a live street view in front of the vehicle onto the cluster display with turn indicators and other directional information overlaid on the scene. Integrated audio prompts cine from either the left or right speakers, giving you an intuitive nudge in the proper direction. 

In-Cluster Navigation
Get a full picture of where you're heading. This navigation view takes full advantage of the OLED display, placing a full-cluster map in the gauge cluster. 

Full-Colour Head-Up Display
Keep your goals clearly in front of you. This available feature projects detailed key information onto the windshield in your line of sight, helping you stay focused on the road ahead. Use the OLED left cluster touch screen to toggle between four selectable views: Speeds, Audio/Phone, Navigation, and Performance. 
Safety & Performance
Confidence Is An Expression Of Power
It's a rare talent. The innate ability to command nearly any situation. In the 2021 Escalade, intuitive driver assistance systems and advanced performance features provide confidence, no matter how big the stage or how bright the lights. 
The Front Pedestrian Braking system can alert you via haptic seat feedback when it detects a pedestrian directly ahead of you. It can even automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver's hard braking to help reduce collision severity or even avoid detected imminent pedestrian collisions. 

This system can detect pedestrians directly behind the vehicle alert the driver to help you avoid a collision. The system works when you're in Reverse during the daytime. It has limited nighttime and low visibility performance.
Available Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking works with Forward Collision Alert to help you avoid or reduce the severity of a potential front-end collision with a detected vehicle you're following. Radar and camera technology are used to automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver's hard braking. 

HD Surround Vision uses multiple cameras to display a digital overhead image of the area around the vehicle when in Drive or Reverse at low speeds. This view, projected onto the OLED instrument cluster, helps increase your awareness when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces. 
This available innovation uses a camera to provide you a wide and less obstructed view behind the vehicle while you're driving. You can switch between the camera view and a traditional rearview mirror. 
Available Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert can provide side-mirror alerts when a moving vehicle is quickly approaching or is in your side blind zone. 
Advanced 4-Wheel Drive System
The Escalade models with 4WD are equipped with a standard single-speed transfer case. An optional two-speed transfer case is bundled in the Heavy Duty Trailering Package, which offers maximum trailering capability and advanced trailering features. The system offers multiple modes of operation from a single controller. 

  • Tour: A normal/default mode. Provides a balanced experience ideal for most driving scenarios. 
  • Sport: This mode converts all sub-systems into a spoiler feel that increases vehicle handling and responsiveness. This mode prioritizes handling and increased steering feel, as opposed to ride comfort. 
  • Two/Haul: This mode optimizes driver comfort while towing heavy loads or when the rear cargo area is fully loaded. It reduces transmission shift busyness at highway speeds and also impacts Trailer Sway Control and steering feel.
  • Terrain: This mode is unique to the single speed system and offers similar functionality as 4-Low and optimizes low-speed driving over rough terrain. Compared to Off-Road Mode, Terrain Mode is ideal for more extreme, lower-speed off-road driving scenarios, such as deep-rutted or two-track roads.
  • Snow/Ice: This mode provides improved performance for 2WD modes on slippery road surfaces by adjusting the pedal map, slowing the vehicle's acceleration and torque response to help prevent wheel slip.
  • Off-Road: This mode in intended for unpaved environments (glass, gravel, dirt, etc.) at moderate speeds. 

Available on Escalade, the fast reacting suspension technology reads the road 1,000 times every second. This allows for continual adjustments to dampening, resulting in an optimal driving experience on ever-changing roads. 
Comprised of electronically controlled air springs, the available Air Ride Adaptive Suspension is precision-crafted to help elevate the smoothness of your ride. 
Developed with experience from Cadillac Racing, the available electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD) intelligently predicts and reacts to read conditions, maximizing traction when you need a firm grip on the road. 
Command the road with the smooth delivery of 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. The new Dynamic Fuel Management system varies the number of active cylinders, from the fuel-saving two-cylinder operation to the maximum power of all eight, helping to optimize performance and efficiency. 
Up your efficiency with the available DuraMax 3.0L Turbo Diesel 6-cylinder engine. With 277 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque, you'll reserve fuel without feeling like you're holding back.