EV Maintenance

Electric Vehicles

Our Dueck Certified Service team of experts provides EV owners with access to unique technology, resources, and service options to provide the service they deserve.

Leave It To The Experts

Your EV deserves only the right service, which is why Certified Service technicians have been trained by GM to provide the highest quality support.

Maintenance Tools and Platforms

Our Certified Service Technicians at Dueck use unique diagnostic tools to identify any possible issues during virtual and in-person checkups. Dueck's Certified Technicians have exclusive access to parts and resources that keep your EV going and ensure your vehicle's system is always up to date, according to our model-specific standards.

Convenient and Connected Servicing

Online appointment scheduling is available through our website, the vehicle brand apps on your mobile device and your in-vehicle app. Book an appointment, receive updates about the progress of your service appointment and grant remote approval for recommended maintenance services by your authorized Dealer's service team. Our Certified Service experts will help ensure you are satisfied before returning your vehicle and will strive to have your vehicle charged appropriately upon pickup.

Why Service Your EV?

Regular servicing of your EV is crucial for maintaining safety and maximizing performance across key components. Except brake inspections ensure optimal stopping power, battery maintenance extends range and lifespan, while tire checks enhance traction and efficiency. Trust our Certified Service technicians to address these unique needs and ensure your EV's reliability and longevity on the road.


Yes, your EV has a regular 12V battery! A healthy 12V battery will ensure your EV systems, onboard computers and features will operate at their best.

Tire Health

Your EV's range and overall performance can be impacted by tire damage, low tire pressure and uneven tread wear. Regular tire inspections and tire rotations will help your EV run smoothly.


The regenerative braking technology in your EV offers a great tool to extend your EV range. However, the decreased usage of your brake pads and rotors means regular inspections may be important to ensure they remain in proper working conditions.

The Vehicle Health Check

What is a Vehicle Health Check?

A comprehensive multi-point inspection of your EV. A Vehicle Health Check will provide a comprehensive report on the condition of your EV and may discover potential issues before they become costly repairs.

What’s Included?

  • Tire Rotation and Inspection
  • Brake Inspection
  • 12V Battery Condition
  • Fluid Check
  • And much more

Why Get One?

  • Helps improve the safety of your EV
  • Helps protect against unexpected, future repair costs
  • To be completed every 12,000 km as described

Maintenance and Service Intervals

Your EV requires servicing at regular intervals or depending on your EV's mileage; whichever comes first.


Rotate tires every 12,000 km. - The instant torque delivers by your EV can lead to increased stress on your tires. Regular tire rotations can help prolong the life of your tires and improve overall performance.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades should be inspected for damage regularly; this will be covered during a Vehicle Health Check. - Healthy windshield wiper blades help ensure you see the road clearly, improving vehicle safety.

Air Filters

Replace the passenger compartment air filter every 36,000 km or every 24 months. - A clean cabin air filter helps provide cleaner air into your vehicle by removing dirt, dust, pollen and other unwanted pollutants.

Brake Fluid

Replace brake fluid every five years. - Brake fluid helps to maintain your EV's braking ability and should be replaced at recommended intervals.