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Financing with Our Dealership

Dueck Auto Group takes the stress out of auto financing. From advice on whether to buy or lease to finding the best rates available, our finance team will work with you every step of the way to craft finance terms that work for your lifestyle and budget.


Financing a vehicle is an option many people take to pay off their vehicle over a set number of years. With financing options between 36 months and 84 months, we can find a payment plan that will fit into your family budget.

We offer low interest rates for those with existing loans or high credit scores. This makes financing a vehicle even easier since you won't be paying a lot of interest over the length of your loan. We know that buying a vehicle is a large purchase and are here to help you through every step.



When you come into one of our dealerships please bring the following:

  • Pay stubs from the last 3 months
  • Accountant prepared financials
  • Employment information
  • Void cheque for direct withdrawal
  • NOA
  • T1 General

These things will help with credit approval and all the paperwork, without them you may not get approved or may need to provide additional information.


Did you know that you can get a vehicle loan with bad or no credit? One of the best ways to rebuild or build credit is to take out a vehicle loan, if it works with your monthly budget. Through your vehicle might be financed at a higher interest rate, showing you make payments on time will quickly and steadily increase your credit. Talk to our financial team at one of our dealerships to find out more about no credit financing or bad credit financing in British Columbia.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's better, buying or leasing?
This important choice comes down to your monthly budget and how you expect to use your vehicle. Leasing typically comes with a lower monthly payment than a traditional loan, but there are restrictions on mileage and customization. On the other hand, a loan may be associated with a higher payment but you will be building equity and will spend less over the life of the vehicle.
We will work with you to craft the deal that works for your budget. Most loan terms will fall between 48-72 months, with longer financing terms resulting in lower payments.
We’ve worked with countless customers with all kinds of credit to help them discover their financing options.
In most cases, we can offer financing with no down payment. We can also roll taxes, registration, and fees into the financing deal if that works best for you.


Is it time to get a new or used vehicle and you don't know where to start with the financials? At Dueck Auto Group, we're here to help, let our great finance and sales team help you through every step of the buying process! This includes choosing between cash, financing, GM Financial leasing or our in-house leasing for your new vehicle. We will give you all the information so you can make an informed decision about your new vehicle.

We also work with a variety or a financial institution to get you the best rate possible and will make sure getting a new vehicle fits into your budget. We are here to help get you vehicle financing whether you're from Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, Delta or anywhere else in British Columbia. With three dealerships to serve you, we are just a short drive away: Dueck Downtown, Dueck on Marine or Dueck Richmond.

Your privacy is important to us.

Dueck Auto Group takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.