No Charge Filter Inspection

Dueck is pleased to offer a No-Charge Filters inspection of Cabin and Engine Air Filters on all GM vehicles.

Getting your Cabin and Engine air filters checked and replaced, if necessary, will help create and maintain a healthy environment for you and your vehicle.

Following your complimentary inspection, if one or both of your filters do need to be replaced, you can receive a $5 off Cabin and Engine air filter for a total of $10 dollars.

Offer is available from August 1st to September 30th and only available on GM vehicles.

ACDelco Filters Features / Benefits

Cabin Air help prevent pollutant and allergens from entering the vehicle ventilation system while Engine Air Filters prevent damaging contaminates from entering the engine thereby reducing fuel economy and engine performance. Getting your Cabin and Engine air filters checked and replaced by our Certified technicians would maintain a clean environment, reduce operating costs, and help with vehicle performance. 

Cabin Air Filter:
  • Helps keep certain pollutants from entering the interior cabin
  • Helps remove most allergens from air entering the ventilation system
  • Helps keep bacteria and mold growing inside the ventilation system
  • Highly durable and reliable
Engine Air Filter:
  • Helps keep pollutants from entering the engine
  • Clean air filters can help with fuel economy
  • Clean air filters can help reduce vehicle operating costs
  • Highly durable and reliable